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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Wholesale Audio Club different from all the other wholesale companies on the internet?

A: The answer is simple. Most of the other “wholesale offers” online are available to the general public.

With these other so called wholesale companies, there is no separation between wholesaler, dealer, and the end user (consumer).

Real wholesalers will only sell B2B Drop Shipping ( Business to Business ) Any company offering “wholesale deals” that does not require a business license or tax i.d. from you is not a real wholesale distributor. You have to ask yourself, “Do I want to buy from a discounted retailer or a real master-distributor? The answer is obvious, with Wholesale Audio Club, we only sell wholesale packages to licensed re-sellers. All wholesale electronics warehouses within our network require a business license or tax id. from all members. This keeps the integrity in place between the true wholesale supplier and the dealer.

Q: Do I have to have an actual store front in order to join Wholesale Audio Club?

A: No. Among those that purchase the Wholesale Packages are small to mid sized companies selling via mail order, swap meets, internet, as well as small retail locations. It is not 100% necessary to have an actual store.

Q: I have seen offers online about a CD with 10,000 wholesale sources. What is this all about?

A: If you need wholesale sources for beans, shoe laces, hay, or bulk fabrics…. the CD is for you. If you are seeking true wholesale distributors supplying consumer electronics products to dealers only,…. then you need Wholesale Audio Club. Basically the “cheap” wholesale CD’s out there are garbage.

Plus, they will sell these CD’s to anyone. The general public has access to the same information.

Q: What are the minimum order requirements with the group of wholesale audio-video distributors?

A: Minimum order requirements vary by distributor. ( 50.00 to 750.00) is what we see most often. 750.00 and up may qualify for discounted shipping. The distributor will provide that info to your company directly.

Q: Are there volume discounts offered for large orders?

A: Yes. distributors offer volume discounts. Usually additional discounts apply to orders exceeding $2500

Q: Once my company joins wholesale audio club, do we order everything through you or do we contact the distributors directly?

A: You will be contacted by our group of multi million dollar master wholesale distributors after you sign up. Your company will order DIRECT from the master distributors with NO mark up.

Q: What are some of the brands we can expect to find through this Wholesale Package?

There is so much wholesale electronics products stocked high and sold cheap. Hundreds of brands. USA Warehouses.

A: Alpine, Kenwood, Clarion, JVC, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Sony, MTX, JL Audio, Pioneer and many many more. In total, about 30,000 electronics products are available from over 500 top brand names.

Q: Are there territory restrictions involved?

A: Yes, in some cases there are territory restrictions. However, there are over 20 master importers & distributors that sell the top name brands with little or no restrictions. In some cases, your company will be set up as a authorized dealer, in other cases – not.

Q: Can wholesale audio club help me with marketing/sales ideas & strategies?

A: Yes. This is a big part of our consulting service. Once you are a member, you can call Rob Ferguson anytime during normal business hours and he will be happy to assist you in any way he can. Rob sold over 480,000.00 in car audio products his first year online! (working as a sales rep for a large wholesale car audio distributor) 15+ years ago. Wholesale Audio Club was born in 1999. We have extensive experience in the car audio and musical industries here in the USA.

Q: What kind of profit margin can we expect to make?

A: On average, ( selling online or mail order ) the average profit margin for components is between 25 to 50% ( to be competitive) with accessories, the profit margin runs between 50 and 300% ( Small stuff always nets more profit ) 

For instance, a good set of RCA Cables can run 18 to 35 bucks retail. With your wholesale audio club package, your company will be purchasing the same RCA Cables for around 7 to 10 bucks. Sometimes, on closeout,….. I have seen Gold 20 Ft RCA’s for under 3.00 !

Q: Are there any pricing examples available for our review? Note: Check Our BLOG for updated examples. We will load new examples frequently.

A: Sure. Click Here for a few quick examples.

Q: How long does it take to drop ship the items that were purchased after the order was received

A: Orders ship within 24 hours in most cases. Most all wholesale distributors within the network, ship daily. If an item is not in stock,…. You will be called. However, most all items are on the shelf and ready to ship out daily.

Q: How do we get notified when a product is out of stock or becomes on back order.

A: You will be called or emailed. It’s a good idea to request confirmation on each of your purchase orders.

Q: What are the minimum levels of inventory on products that are kept on hand?

A: Wholesale distributors stock hundreds of pieces of each item. Sometimes thousands.

Q:. I am interested in the wholesale membership, is that really a one time fee?

A: Yes, a one time fee is all your business will pay! Plus we contact the distributors for you. Kick your feet up, and let us do the work for you.

Q: Are the products purchased through the wholesale warehouses under warranty?

A: YES. Most items carry the full factory warranty. Or at least a full repair warranty. Most warranties are for 1 to 3 years depending on the product line.

Call (760) 994-0710 with any additional questions.

If you are new to the electronics industry:

Our staff compiled this new question and answer outline, so the new dealers can brush up on the terms used in our industry.

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Questions? Contact Our Wholesale Team @ (760) 994-0710

Q: What is a manufacturer?

A: A manufacturer is the maker of the brand. Most manufacturers of mobile electronics reside in China & Korea. (Although some of the better brands do manufacture here in the USA)

Q: What is a distributor?

A: A distributor is a privately owned mass supplier to the dealers. The distributor has massive buying power and stocks each electronics item in large quantities.

Most wholesale electronics distributors here in the USA sell at the same “dealer price” that the actual manufacturer does. The distributors function is to supply the electronics goods at a closer proximity without a price increase to the licensed dealer.

Q: What is a drop shipper?

A: A drop shipper is a wholesale distributor that is willing to ship to more than 1 location for you. A drop ship distributor will ship anything to anyone, any state.

You pay for the product, they ship it directly to your customer. You never touch the product. This saves on shipping costs, therefore increasing your profit potential.

Q: What makes a company a “real wholesaler”

A: ALL real wholesalers require a valid tax i.d. and or business license from all applicants. Real wholesale distributors will clearly mark their sites and catalogs with “Wholesale sales only to dealers” A real wholesale distributor will never sell to the general public. Your wholesale sources remain confidential.

Q: What is a factory rep?

A: A factory rep is the guy who calls on the dealers for the manufacturers. He sells and trains the dealers. All manufacturers have “reps”

Q: What are trade shows?

A: A trade show is the place where all of the manufacturers show their new products to the dealers and the wholesale distributors. Each year there are several confidential trade shows for the consumer electronics industry. You must be a licensed dealer at least,.. to attend these shows.

What are trade schools?

A: Trade schools are schools and or colleges that provide education on specific trades.  There are many schools providing classes on mobile electronics & car audio installation and sales.

Q: What is a retailer?

A: A retailer is a dealer that sells to anyone. Examples include: Best Buy, The good guys, Audio Express etc.

Q: What is a dealer?

A: see ” what is a retailer” above.

Q: What is a master distributor?

A: A master distributor is known as a bigger than average distributor. These companies carry double quantities as well as have the “harder to locate brands”

A master distributor can also be simply a “large scale” distributor. They buy in massive 60 Ft. Container lots and offer amazingly low wholesale prices. Wholesale Audio Club uncovers the real master-wholesalers of car and some home audio here in the United States. We make it easy for the small dealer to plug in to where the big boys buy their goods. Get ready to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Q: What is e-bay?

A: E-Bay is an auction house. Small dealers and private sellers list their goods for sale to the highest bidder. Our members have much more success selling through custom web sites, although if done right, you can make thousands on e-bay. Its all about finding the right products. It can be done, however, we suggest selling through small shops, and custom web sites made for selling audio. The flea market, local high schools….. are also great places to sell audio & electronics.

Q: Why sell electronics?

A: Billions are spent each year on consumer electronics. Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a stereo? Why not sell things people need and use. Everyone uses audio & electronics items! Plus, you love electronics too right? Go ahead and put some of those profits in your pocket.

Q: What does net-30 mean?

A: Net-30 is where you buy products on credit throughout the month and the distributor sends you a bill for the entire months purchases. N-30 = net 30 days

Q: What is COD?

A: COD means Cash On Delivery. UPS offers COD services for mail order dealers who will ship the oder to the customer and have them pay UPS upon delivery of the item. Then UPS sends you the check or money order.

Q: What is an open account?

A: see ( Net-30 ) above. An open account is where you buy on credit from the distributor. You will be invoiced monthly for your purchases. You must apply for any and all net-30 or open terms.

Q: What does pre-paid shipping mean?

A: Pre-Paid shipping means that you have reached the desired volume or dollar amount to qualify for the order to be shipped “Pre-Paid Freight” the distributor is paying for the shipping. Usually this happens at the $2,500 level.

Q: What is a container?

A: A container is a “Railway Container” these are the big shipping containers you see on the railroad lines. Large volume distributors and retailers order in this way.

There are 40 Foot and 60 Foot rail containers.

Q: What is a skid?

A: A skid is a pallet of merchandise found in a wholesale warehouse. Usually a skid will be shrink wrapped and ready for transport. If you can, its best to buy “a skid” at a time from the larger wholesalers. You will receive discounts based on volume orders. Every wholesaler will offer additional discounts based on larger volume quantities.

It is not necessary to buy “skids”

Q: What does volume order mean?

A: Volume means quantity. The larger the volume, the larger the quantity.

Q: What is an importer?

A: An importer is a large warehouse that brings in its merchandise from outside of the United States.

Q: What is a parallel distributor?

A: A (parallel) Distributor is a wholesale distributor known for carrying brands that can only be purchased parallel through other mass merchants. In other words, they are not direct with the manufacturer. Often the warranty from such distributors is “repair only”

Q: What does purchase order mean?

A: Purchase order means to place an order for purchase. The “buyer” of the electronics store usually generates store purchase orders to be filled by the various wholesale distributors.

Q: What is a PO ?

A: See “purchase order” above

Q: What is a Purchase Order Number?

A: A purchase order number is the number assigned to the purchase order for record keeping by the stereo shop and the supplier.

Q: What is an RMA ?

A: RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization It is customary to receive a RMA reference number from your supplier prior to sending any merchandise back for repair or re-stock.

Q: Why do I need an RMA?

A: Most all wholesalers / distributors & manufacturers require a RMA prior to acceptance of your return. If you send something back without a RMA, its likely it won’t be processed.

Q: What is a tax ID?

A: A tax id is a number that is assigned to you by the federal government. This number gives you the right to buy at wholesale with no sales tax.

Q: What is a business license?

A: A business license is a license issued to you by your state. This gives you the legal ability to buy & re-sell items as a “business“

Q: Where can I get a Tax ID or Business license?

A: For information about business licensing, contact your state capital. They can best assist you.

Q: What is an EIN?

A: A EIN = Employer Identification Number and is issued by the IRS.

Q: What does wholesale audio links / wholesale audio club do?

A: Wholesale Audio Club provides wholesale audio and electronics product sources, we build web sites for dealers & re-sellers as well as provide business related wholesale services that connect your company with over 145 of the largest real B2B Drop Shipping consumer electronics wholesale master distributors. We maintain the most informative confidential wholesale car & home audio data-base in the USA. We provide a broadcast email service for you as well to all of the other distributors so you will have catalogs and dealer price sheets from many of the top US wholesale electronics warehouses. Click Here for more information on Wholesale Audio Club, and how to get signed up.

Q: What brands will I be able to sell through this club?

A: Most all of the top brands of car audio, and many great home audio names. Too many to list here.

Q: What is a profit margin?

A: Profit Margin is the difference between what you paid for it and what you sold it for.

Q: How much profit is made with electronics?

A: Billions of dollars each year are spent on consumer electronics. All you need is a little slice of that pie! Profit margins vary based on how you are selling the products. Example: Online sales generally produce smaller profits while a storefront is likely to bring in more profit.

Q: What are some of the ways that the other members sell electronics?

A: Online through a custom web site, through e-bay, through flea markets / swap meets, through high schools and friends, through your garage, through a small or large store, through mail order.

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